Since 1983 Mickie Driver has toured his one-man shows throughout Britain, working in homes, sheltered units, hospitals, arts centres and theatres. During this time he has earned a reputation as one of the finest entertainers available.
Unfortunately, the job of booking suitable, good entertainment has become a lottery- some you win, and some you lose. In an effort to raise the standard of artistes available, Mickie has formed

Everyone applying to join the Agency is seen in a working situation and only the very best and most suitable are selected. All are full time professionals prepared to work at less than their usual fee to make their services affordable. Once a booking is made,we send a written confirmation and a colourful A4 poster, which will help you to create interest and gain maximum benefit from the event.
I don't need to tell you that money spent on unsuitable or poor entertainment is wasted, but
entertainers are complete professionals.

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